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   Since Echom establishment, black homeappliance has been its pillar industry. Relying on the sustainable development of home entertainment consumer market, Echom has been serving 23 core customers including some Fortune 500 companies, building public service platforms of technological innovation for 261 small and medium enterprises, and providing customers with the overall solution of industrial chain value-added service. Combined with its unique DMS (Design & Manufacture & Services) service model, Echom takes the design and development as its core and form a complete service chain by integrating research and analysis, product planning , industrial design, structural development , optical design, research on material technology, precision mold, injection molding, spraying, sheet metal, and module assembly. Currently, it has a production capacity of exterior of 20 million units / year. Its 9 branches and production bases cover the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Bohai Bay, northeastern and western industrial agglomeration areas.

    The products developed and produced by Echom include small peripheral TV products such as home TV, smart TV Box, smart flat screen TV, business / home dual use large-screen ultra- high-definition television, remote control as well as the exterior structures of home entertainment products such as monitor, commercial large -screen interactive integrated machine, all kinds of players, digital set-top boxes, outdoor advertising machine and laptop.


    Echom Black Home Appliance Innovation Center gathers senior experts of various fields in the industry. It has an innovative R & D team with 294 people. It provides customers with attentive service. Through the use of integrated innovative means of industrial design, it provides customers with high value-added products so that they can enhance overall competitiveness.

    The black home appliance products designed and developed by Echom won the top design awards at home and abroad, including German Red Dot Award, American IDEA Design Award, German International Forum Design Award, and China Red Star Design Award. In 1999, Echom established Enterprise Technology Center, which was recognized as "Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center" in 2005. According to the latest announcement, in the comprehensive appraisal of national level and provincial level enterprise technology centers in Guangdong Province, Echom ranked second with a total score of 93.689. In November 2010, Echom was recognized as "National Enterprise Technology Center". Echom has been involved in the formulation and promulgation of three national standards of black electricity. By relying on the platform of Standardization Association, it is leading the development of seven industrial standards. As of August 2010, Echom had applied for 257 industrial design patents, 33 utility model patents, and 13 invention patents.




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