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Laser weakening  
          In 2012, Echom Science & Technology introduced the laser scoring machine and made an overall arrangement for Echom's auto industry to provide customers with the design and manufacturing services of instrument panel assembly of the "Integrated Airbag".
         In the current automobile manufacturing industry, integrating airbag into the instrument panel, interior wall of car door or insides of other automotive interior parts has become a trend. In this way, manufacturing hidden tear marks on the dashboard in the future will replace the separate housing of airbag that is widely used at present. In the automotive industry, this new technology is called "integrated airbag".Laser weakening is a technology for realizing the "integrated airbag". During this process, CO2 laser is used, because such kind of laser radiation can be well absorbed by most plastic materials. During the cutting process , a cutting head will focus the laser beam in the range of about 0.2 mm. The laser beam at the focal point can provide sufficiently high energy to allow rapid evaporation of the material to be processed so that the material thickness there is thinned. The laser beam can gradually evaporate the material in the way of energy pulse until it reaches the required thickness.
         A detecting composite component (a work probe) is mounted on the opposite side of the cutting head, namely at the back of the material to be processed, which is coaxial with the laser beam. Its role is to provide a feedback signal to the system for controlling the production process. Due to time and cutting quality, in the initial stage of perforation, the system uses high power pulse laser, while in later stage it uses low power pulse laser, and it controls the number of the pulses of two different power lasers.
         The signals of production process are recorded, calculated and stored into the database so that the quality of each processed product is assured. Meanwhile, this is a basic characteristic of airbag as a safety product. The processing panel is fixed to a mechanical arm that can move three-dimensionally. The motion of the mechanical arm is controlled by program, tallying with the preset contour of airbag cover and going through the fixed laser cutting head at a constant speed.
         Based on the surface material of the processed panel, the production processes can be divided into two categories:
         Fixed residual thickness cutting: Fixed residual thickness applies to the cutting of the material that has sufficient transmittance to laser wavelength (for example, TPO). Production process is controlled by the volume of the laser going through the material.
         Micro perforation cutting: Micro perforation cutting applies to the material that is opaque to the laser wavelength or has very low transmittance. In this process, only when the light beam perforates the surface of the material can the probe receive the laser radiation, then the laser generating device will immediately stop working. Therefore, on the surface of the processed panel a small hole cannot be seen will be produced. By this technology, the "integrated airbag" can be achieved. The reliability of airbag is achieved while the overall integrity of car dashboard is ensured.
         By this technology, the "integrated airbag" can be achieved. The reliability of airbag is achieved while the overall integrity of car dashboard is ensured.

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