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Double-color Injection Machine  
          The technology of double-color molding machine has been developed for many years, but the application of large injection molding products has been facing many difficulties. In 2010, based on its many years' experience in injection mold manufacturing and product production, Echom organized its elite technical talents to overcome the difficulties for applying the technology of double-color molding machine in large plastic products. It developed 23-46 inches double-color molding TVs and successfully popularized the double color application of large injection molding parts into the appliances including air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines.
        Double-color molding machine is to mainly coordinate the two feeding tubes of double-color molding equipment with two sets of molds to make double color products through two times of molding in order of precedence.
        Compared to the traditional injection molding, the process of double-color molding machine has the following advantages: 1. It can use the material with low viscosity as the core material to reduce the injection pressure. 2. Considering the environmental protection, it can use the recycled and secondary material as the core material. 3. Depending on different properties of use, for example, the cortical material of thick finished material uses soft material, the core material uses hard material or the core material uses plastic foam to reduce weight. 4. It can use low quality core materials to reduce the costs. 5. In order to increase product performance, cortical material or core material can use the material that is expensive and possesses special surface properties, such as anti-electromagnetic interference and high conductivity. 6. Appropriately matching the cortical material with the core material can reduce the residual stress of the molded product, increase the mechanical strength or surface properties of the product. 7. The product with the texture as that of marble can be produced.
        From the characteristics and applications of multi-color injection moldingmachine and doubl-color t molding machine the trend can be seen that they will replace the process of traditional injection molding in the future. Innovative injection molding technology not only improves the precision of injection molding process and provides the process technology of superior difficulty but also expands the scope of the process field of injection molding. Only by innovative injection equipment and processes can the needs for more and more diversified and high value-added products be met. Double-color molding machine has now been widely applied to almost all the plastic fields including electronic products, electric tools, medical products, appliances, and toys. Rapid development has been made in the research and development on the making and forming of double color mold as well as the double-color and multi-color injection molding equipment and the raw materials double-color molding.


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