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In-Mold Decoration
 IML's Chinese name: In-Mold Decoration The significant characteristics of its technology are: Its surface is a layer of hardened transparent film. The middle layer is for printing patterns. Its back is a plastic layer. Since the ink is caught in the middle, the surface of the product can be prevented from scratches and abrasion, and its color can maintain long-term bright, not easy to fade.
        IML Branch of Echom Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Hefei, Anhui Province, an important base for producing household electrical appliances in China, covering an area of about 1,000 square meters. The Company has a strong technical force, with the latest plastic surface decoration technology In-Mold Decoration (IMD) imported from Germany. It has comprehensive system solutions, including technology assessment at earlier stage of product production, thin film cutting technology, and inlaid molding process. With 100-thousand-grade Purification Workshop as powerful hardware support, the quality of products is stable, with the surface hardness of above 3H applicability. The Company has many advantages, including 3D shape design, high positioning of coloring, arbitrary pattern design, high transparency, environmentally friendly, and automated production. It can provide one-stop service from product design to mold manufacturing injection molding to surface decoration. The Company strives to create a professional surface treatment technology in China and become a provider of comprehensive solutions. Meanwhile, the Company employs top technicians in the design and production of domestic IML industry. Currently, the initial investment of IML branch of the Company is about RMB 10 million. Initial production capacity includes 2 automatic printing lines, 2 semi-automatic printing lines, 7 thermoforming punching cutting machine, and 5 injection molding machines.
         In order to meet the needs of the research and development of products, the Company set up a new R & D center, fully implemented ISO9001: 2000 quality management system, and introduced foreign advanced production equipment and testing facilities. It selects imported raw and auxiliary materials for production. Its workshop strictly implements environmental production and clean control. Meanwhile, the Company uses Computer supported collaborative management system to track the flow of information, standardize the process, track technological progress, greatly shorten the process cycle, and win the opportunity for customers to finally seize the market.
         In the face of international competition situation, IML Branch adheres to the purposes of continuous technological innovation, quality first, and sincere service, gradually expanding the global marketing network and improving the establishment of marketing system. The Company continuously provides customers with superior products and innovative services of Echom's IML Branch, raising the level together and sharing values ??and joy with all partners.
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